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Let us know what more questions you have and we will add them to this page.



1. How do I use the site as a host?


Create a free account using your social login is the easiest and fastest. You can also do your own login if you

don't use social media. Start filling out your profile, upload a photo and you're set to start posting your properties!


2. How do I use the site as a guest?

Start with making an free account and start planning and browsing to book your next vacation!


3. How much does it cost to book?

Booking is free, there are no fees for guests.


4. How much does it cost to host?

Listing properties is free. If someone books your property on the site, there is a 10% servicefee. It will be deducted 

automatically from the booking. 


5. What is the security fee?

This is a security deposit that the host will keep during your stay. It is refundable if there is no damage to the property. How much it is varies depending on each host and property. 


6. How do I pay or recieve my payments? 

We use Paypal. You can book with creditcards even if you don't have Paypal. 


7. Why can't I upload my pictures? 

Pictures has to but be at least 1000 pixels wide to be uploaded. You can use for free to easily

change the size of your pictures.